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Inkjet Printable Floorvinyl

Available in:

  • Roll of 2x25 meter
  • Weight around 65 kg (see info below)
  • Optionally available in rolls 4x30 meter
  • 5 Meter width (minimum volumes apply)
  • USA customers, mid 2016 we can supply this material made in the USA.

Background information:

Floorvinyl is available in many different qualities. When testing our UVL Floorvinyl we looked at the demand from the market for this product. Our current floorvinyl has a good price and is ideal for short term use, like events or exhibtions. The UVL Floorvinyl can also be cut into shapes using a cutting table or used as rectangular mat. Also ideal as low cost mousemat.

UV and Latex printable

You can use UV or Latex ink to print this floorvinyl. The top material is a soft PU 0.2 mm thickness. The ink will bond perfectly to this top coating. Try a scratch test using your fingernails to see if you can rub off the ink.
To imporove the quality a special coating can be used afterwards, for example the Secure Hard Sealer made by DR-Schutz. There are also PU sealers for this brand or other brands that can be used to add a protecive layer on the print. Optionally a non slip additive can be added to these products to improve the non slip rating.
Another option is to add a liquid laminate to add protection to the print. Please contact your liquid laminate supplier and ask for a product suitable for floor use. Preferably a non slip additive should be added to the liquid laminate.


Typically floorvinyl is made in rolls of 2x30 meter. The weight will exceed 70 kg.
We have made rolls of 2x25 meter, weight around 60-65 kg.
Why is a weight of 70 kg important ?
Carriers like UPS and Fedex will ship packages at maximum 70 kg.
In case you or your customer needs 1 or more rolls very fast , these carriers can be used to ship these rolls.

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