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Dye Sublimation Printable Felt

The polyester flet will enable you to print a floor a maximum resolution and vibrancy of colour. Ideal for temporary flooring like events or exhibitions. When cut into mats ideal as full colour printed promotional floor mats.

Available in:

- Width 400 cm (Can be cut into smaller sizes, example 320, 200 cm)
- Cut into Mats (Minimum 40x60 cm)

Background information:

This 100% polyester felt can be printed directly using transfer printing ink but we advice to use paper transfer printing for maximum detail.

The backing has always been a problem for the existing materials that are currently being sold in the market. Typically a light weight foam backing is used giving the product a weight around 1 kg per sq. meter. In our opinion this is to light for use a event flooring or mats.

THe DS Carpet Felt has a thicker, higher weight backing.
Our total weight is around 2 kg per sq. meter.
This higher weight and thicknes will give the product a much better look and feel.

The DS Carpet Felt can be used in:

  • rotary calander
  • flatbed transfer printing.